Premium Materials

From premium Japanese and German steels, to glass fiber and wood handles, to elegant wood finishes and leather sheaths, we only use premium materials to offer you the best knives and accessories. Our blades are hand-sharpened using the complex 3-stage Honbazuke method to give you the sharpest blade possible. And every product is inspected by an independent 3rd party to ensure the delivered product meets our stringent quality requirements.

Our Promise to You

Zelite Infinity carries a limited warranty for the lifetime of the original owner. We guarantee our knives and accessories will perform as advertised when properly used and maintained and are free of manufacturing defects in material and construction. All of our customer service inquiries are handled directly by our family so that we can get to know both our customers and your experiences with our products.

Performance & Comfort

From the shape and width of our bolster to the rounded handles, our knives are created with comfort and performance in mind. Whether you prefer a pinch grip, rocking motion or a standard slice or dice style of prep work – each knife takes into consideration grip and cutting motion so that you have the perfect fit.

Ignite Your Culinary Passion

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Incredible Gift!

I fell in love as soon as I saw these. I had been working on knife skills and my husband decided I needed the right tools. He saw the paring knife and purchased it early for me. Since we were putting out a Christmas feast, he decided we needed a good carving knife as well. These knives are comfortable, functional, and of great quality. I am seriously thinking of ditching my old knives for all of these because I have found my tools!

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Great Knives & Great People!

These are great knives with amazing build quality and they look beautiful. But a company and their products are only as good as their guarantee and the customer service at Zelite certainly does those two things great! Thank you again Zelite and thank you Sam!

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They are Simply Amazing!

It all starts with a good knife and I have been using these non-stop. They are unbelievable! Not to say my age (lol) but I have been using chef knives for 31 years. I have also owned two other Japanese-style Damascus knives. The Alpha-Royal Japanese series has the perfect weight and feel for both professional chefs and home cooks. The quality is perfection in itself. Thank you so much for creating this series!


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Excellence in Form and Function!

First, I will say I am a working professional chef. I have been looking for a new knife for the kitchen and decided to give Zelite a try. And I just love this blade!!! It has a wonderful feel and great balance, not to mention it is crazy sharp. Very high quality steel. Effortless cutting and slicing, and after a full day I am not fatigued.

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