Zelite 8″ Chef Knife Buying Guide

Zelite infinity chef knife (8 inch) Buying Guide

As a company we set out to create the “perfect” kitchen chef knives designed to ignite the culinary passion in all of us. In doing so we learned that passion takes on a different meaning in everyone’s kitchen based on preference, budget, food prep, etc. While we stand behind each of our knives as being the best in its class – we also have some personal favorites by series that are worth calling out – in case you simply just can’t decide. Below are our personal favorite 8” chef knives by series. 

1. Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 8″ Chef Knife

Our first, and still our most popular Chef’s Knife – the Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 8” Chef knife will not disappoint. The well weighted chef’s knife with rounded handles requires minimal effort whether you’re chopping, slicing, dicing or mincing. Our military grade G10 handle and 67 layer high carbon Japanese AUS-10 stainless steel blade is handcrafted by the most experienced knife specialists in the world. This full tang, double bevel knife was finished using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke Method and is considered the gold standard in our industry.

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2. Celebrity Chef Knife – Executive-Plus Series:

We start with our top of the line Executive-Plus Series 8” chef knife and then we add a little something extra to the Celebrity Edition. The blade is made with a Japanese AUS-10 Super Steel core and 44-layers of high carbon stainless steel. We polish the knife with our famous Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern for a gorgeous finish then we complete the blade with our Hammered Tsuchime Finish. Our 56mm deep blade ensures maximum knuckle clearance and has been designed to encourage the rocking-motion style of cutting. The blade is non-stick and is liquid nitrogen cooled improving even further the stain and rust resistance properties. Engineered to perfection our Executive-Plus Series Celebrity Edition 8” chef knife has become a go to for many Executive Chefs as well as in our kitchen.

3. Executive Chef Knife – Razor-Edge Series

I love the look and feel of this knife. Our Razor-Edge Series features a Japanese AUS-8 high carbon stainless steel blade, but to make the pattern on the Executive Chef we add a STORM-X Finish to the blade. This is a beautiful and lightweight, super agile for precise and fast slicing, chopping, and cutting vegetables, fruits, and meats. This knife will stand out in any kitchen.

4. Alpha-Royal German Series 8″ Chef Knife

Our Alpha-Royal German Series 8” chef knife was designed based on our top selling, original Japanese Series chef. The blade is made with German ThyssenKrupp X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel complete with a satis finish. This premium Stainless Steel version is sleek, sharp, durable and performs beautifully in the kitchen. It combines the best of both worlds at an affordable price – a sharp, tough, rust and stain resistant blade coupled with an ergonomically shaped and beautifully balanced full tang, triple riveted handle. Low maintenance, comfort and durability – what else could you ask for in a blade.

Comfort-Pro Series 8″ Chef Knife

Whether you are new to the kitchen, moving into your first apartment or an experienced chef – you truly cannot go wrong with our Comfort-Pro Series 8” chef knife. While this is our most economically friendly line of knives, we did not leave out any of the important features that make a great Chef Knife. The blade is made of ThyssenKrupp High Carbon Stainless Steel. Incredibly sharp, tough, long lasting edge retention, rust, corrosion and stain resistant – all combine to make this blade extremely low maintenance for you. 

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