Professional Kitchen Knife Company Zelite Infinity Celebrate 3 Years In Business

Zelite Infinity celebrate 3 years trading and reflect upon just how far they have come; how they helped change the industry and what lies ahead for this exciting innovation driven growth company.

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Zelite Infinity Add A Special Edition To Their Famous Japanese VG10 Super Steel Kitchen Knife Collection Set – The 8 Inch Executive Chef Knife

Due to the overwhelming demand and positive feedback from professional chefs around the globe on their award winning Zelite Infinity VG10 series of knives, the company has announced today the release of a ‘Special Edition’ Executive Chef Knife to mark the success of the brand to date.

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Best Japanese Knives in 2016 – Zelite Infinity Chefs Knife

Japanese kitchen knives are made with sharpness in mind. They’re usually a bit thinner than their western counterparts, and they’re made of metal that holds a sharper edge better.

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The World’s Top 5 chef knives as rated by the Kitchen Professor

Looking for the best chefs knife for under $150? You are in the right place. The great part about this price range is that basically ALL of the knives are pretty darn good. They have high quality, hard stainless steel and are made by well known brands. You can’t go wrong…

World’s TOP 5 Chefs Knives


Zelite Limited Announce the Expansion of their Kitchen Knife Manufacturing Facilities in Order to Keep up with Demand

Since the first sale of their Chefs Knife on back on 9th October 2015 this new high end knife manufacturer has rapidly expanded their product offering to include not only the 8 Inch Chef Knife, but also an 8 Inch Bread Knife; 7 Inch Santoku Knife; 6 Inch Boning Knife; 6 Inch Utility Knife; 5.5 Inch Serrated Utility Knife and a 4 Inch Paring Knife.

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Zelite Limited Release A Chef’s Knife That Eliminates The Trade Off Between Sharpness And Rust Resistance.

Ben Clarke, Co Founder at Zelite explains, chefs all around the world have had to live with a trade off in performance with their kitchen knives primarily due to material property restrictions. If sharpness and edge retention is the most important feature, then the typical choice would be a high carbon knife. However, the downside here is they need a lot of care and attention or they rust and stain. A lot of home chefs prefer low maintenance chefs knives where staining and rust is less of a concern, so they choose stainless steel designs. However, now it isn’t possible to have razor sharpness and good edge retention because the material properties don’t allow this.

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