Zelite Chef Knife FAQ

What makes the Zelite Infinity VG10 knives better than the competition?

Zelite set out with a clear end point in mind – to make the World’s Best Chef Knife. Most Chef’s knives fall into one-of-two broad categories, (1) Sharp with good edge retention (high carbon steel), but suffer from stain and rusting if not carefully looked after, or (2) Stain and rust resistant (stainless steel) so lower maintenance, but due to the limiting material factors can’t be sharpened to extreme levels and their edge retention capability ends up being poor.

Zelite have used the best of both material groups. Using Japanese VG10 Super Steel (known to be one of the best cutlery steels in the World) as the core and cladding this with 66-layers of SUS410 (High Carbon Stainless Steel) we have produced a knife that boasts razor sharpness (12-15° cutting angle) with superb edge retention capabilities (VG10 & Cryogenic Cooling tempering process). Refer to the Product Features diagram to see other key benefits including tapered bolster, full tang, shaped blade, non-stick…

Do the Zelite Infinity VG10 Knives last longer than Ceramic knives?

No, well it depends on the specific question being asked. Let us explain.

Ceramic knives are harder than VG10 Super Steel, however as they are very brittle they give you two huge drawbacks, (1) as they are so brittle, the blade needs to be made thicker to compensate for strength and this causes inefficiencies trying to cut thin slices of food and in general causes more friction (due to thickness of blade) when making the cut, and (2) they are very brittle meaning they cannot be used for chopping or the more common heavier jobs done in the kitchen.

Back to the question and the answer this time is yes, ceramic is a harder material and as such will have better wear resistance properties meaning great edge retention. The Zelite Infinity VG10 knives use one of the world’s best cutlery steels that is further enhanced by our optimized cryogenic cooling tempering process meaning you will have a blade with outstanding sharpness and edge retention that is not limited to only slicing tasks in the kitchen. So there is a choice and preference to be made.

Why is there a pattern on the Zelite Infinity blade?

The style of the blade is actually called Damascus and is a 67-layer design. The inner core (thickest layer) is Japanese VG10 and the outer layers (33-layer per side) are High Carbon Stainless Steel.

As our artisans grind each Damascus-clad blade from its thickest point at the spine to its razor-sharp cutting edge, they reveal the patterns. To bring them out even more, they acid-etch each blade. During acid etching, the layered metals react to the solution in different ways. The alternating layers of darker and brighter metal help reveal the flowing, rippled pattern.

Damascus looks beautiful, supports and protects the hard, dense cutting core, and adds stain resistance. Our Damascus construction provides a mix of properties including an extremely sharp edge and ease of sharpening. This clad construction is similar to how samurai swords are traditionally made. Your Zelite Infinity VG10 knives comes with the contemporary Tsunami Rose (flowing water) Pattern design.

Why is the center rivet a different design to the other two?

As with the rest of the knife, we were not happy to build purely to function, we wanted to ensure the Zelite Infinity VG10 knives are truly unique and beautiful too. All three rivets secure the G10 non-moisture absorbent high wear resistant handle to the Stainless Steel full tang, but the center rivet was introduced to give the knife an even greater visual appeal. The Japanese Mosaic rivet is a combination of stainless steel, brass and copper and has been designed to further complement the contemporary Japanese Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern blade.

Do Zelite sell other types or styles of knives?

Zelite offer the full VG10 range and are developing new knives all of the time. Our website will always reflect what is the latest publicly available information regarding new products that are released.

To receive deep discount promotions and to get advanced information of the new product releases simple sign up to the VIP list here on our website…we too cannot stand spam mail and assure you your details will be 100% strictly confidential to Zelite only. We respect your email privacy.

What kind of guarantee do Zelite offer?

RISK FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE – WARRANTY >>> 100% Satisfaction or your Money Back, No Questions Asked.

Care and Cleaning

How do I wash my Zelite Infinity VG10 Knife?

If you value your tools, we recommend washing your knives with warm, soapy water after each use. Rinse carefully and dry with a towel.

No metal is completely “stainless”. Do not allow acidic foods (lemon, mustard, tomato, etc.) to remain on the blade after use. 
This may cause some slight tarnishing. Should the blade show signs of staining, use a non-abrasive metal polish for cleaning.

Can I wash my Zelite Infinity VG10 Knife in the Dishwasher?

Technically, Zelite Infinity VG10 Knives are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Then again, an Aston Martin DB9 is suitable to run through a common rotary car wash…but you don’t see many using them.

If you elect to use your dishwasher, place the knife away from other cookware, glasses and utensils so the water stream does not push these items violently into the blade risking damage to the razor sharp edge. We recommend washing by hand.

How do I sharpen my Zelite Infinity blade?

This question allows us to explain a common misconception regarding knife sharpening. Sharpening and Honing are two different processes aimed at achieving different goals.

Honing your Zelite Infinity blade (commonly mistaken for sharpening your blade) is performed on a ‘sharpening steel’. The purpose of honing is to re-align the edge and to remove any burrs or rounding of the edge through wear and use. This process can be performed daily or whenever the knife is used.

Sharpening your knife can be performed by a number of tools, but Zelite recommend using a Whetstone. The purpose of sharpening is to remove metal from the blade after it has become worn in order to restore the razor sharp edge. As the Zelite Infinity blade has a VG10 Super Steel core and is protected by 66-layers of High Carbon Stainless Steel, our knives are easy and a pleasure to sharpen.

Do Zelite offer and knife sharpening services?

Zelite currently do not offer sharpening services. We offer a FREE eBook with the VG10 series that explains how to both Hone and Sharpen your Zelite Infinity Blade, and trust us you should find it a relatively easy process to perform once you have read the instructions.

If after reading your comprehensive eBook you feel you would still prefer to have your masterpiece sharpened by a professional, we recommend looking online and specifically on the likes of yelp, but make sure to check they are qualified. Ideally look for a service where there are public reviews of their past work so you know you are going to get a high quality professional service.

Are there tasks that I should NOT use my Zelite Infinity 8” Chef Knife for?

Proper cutlery care includes giving extra attention to your cutting surface, washing and drying, storage, maintaining the cutting edge and sharpening when needed.

Do not cut through bone with knives (except meat cleavers). Do not use knives for poking, prying, separating or cutting semi- 
frozen or frozen foods.

Do not use knives as screwdrivers or can openers. This is not their designated purpose and may result in bending or breaking the blade or edge of the knife.

Is it ok to chop on a china, glass or hard stone cutting board?

The Zelite Infinity VG10 Knives have been made with the best cutlery materials available on the market and these have been further enhanced with our own cryogenic cooling tempering process so you will own a high quality robust Chef’s tool. However, using hard surfaces such as china, marble, porcelain, glass or other such hard surfaces will only cause accelerated wear and dulling of your blade.

Zelite therefore recommend using wood, bamboo or some form of polyethylene cutting surface so your blade remains razor sharp for longer.

If you opt to use a hard cutting board surface, Zelite recommend regular honing to keep the edge razor sharp.

Where to Buy?

Our Professional Zelite Infinity Knives are available online, exclusively through the worlds largest online retailer Amazon (USA & UK). Simply press the Buy-Now buttons and get prepared for total satisfaction and enjoyment.

More questions? Please drop us an email!