Knife Care and Proper Storage

As you begin to use your new Zelite Infinity knife, we want to share some basic knife care and storage instructions to ensure the sharpness and longevity of your knife so it may assist you in the kitchen for years to come.


  • Cut on blade-friendly surfaces such as wood, plastic or rubber.Glass, ceramic, marble, tile or granite are NOT recommended and will dull the fine edge.
  • Use the knife to cut fruits, vegetables, fish and meats with no bones. Do not try to cut bone, cartilage or shell. Do not attempt to cut items with hard pits or woody stems.
  • Applying a lateral (sideways) force can damage the blade. Do not insert the tip of the knife into dense or frozen/semi-frozen food and attempt to cut or pry apart.
  • Do not use the knife for any other purpose than cutting food.
  • Knife(s) should NOT be submerged in water in the sink or left wet and dirty on a work surface for a prolonged amount of time.
  • Always hand wash the knife with mild dish soap, rinse with warm water and towel thoroughly dry after use.
  • Dishwasher use is NOT recommended. Chemicals, salt, humidity and heat are not friendly to most metals. In addition, there is a chance that the fine blade can be damaged by impact with other utensils or ceramic items in the dishwasher during operation.
  • Properly store the knife in a knife block, on a magnetic holder, in a sheath, or in the padded protective box when not in use. Do not leave it loose in a cutlery drawer with the edge unprotected.

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  • To remove knife simply twist the handle towards the spine of the blade and pull off.
  • Do not spin the block with force to avoid the block tipping over and/or knives slipping off;
  • Do not place more than one knife per side – for a total of 6 knives.
  • To clean, simply remove knives and wipe block down with a dampened cloth. Dry and replace knives when ready.


  • Do not place more than one knife in each slot.
  • To clean, simply wipe down block with a dampened cloth. Do not se soap or any chemicals as it could alter the stain or wood.

If you follow these basic knife care and storage instructions your Zelite Infinity knife will be your trusted partner in the kitchen for years to come. If you have any additional questions please contact us.

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