Summer Grilling with Friends – Zelite Infinity Releases New Meat & Vegetable Knives Perfect for the Grill


Just in time for warmer weather, summer grilling and time spent with food and friends, Zelite Infinity expanded a few of it’s series to include meat and vegetable knives that will make you look forward to your next get together. And they even threw in a new Bird’s Beak Paring knife so you can add the perfect garnish to any cocktails served. 

The Cleaver Knife (Executive-Plus Series):

Releasing their first Japanese Steel (AUS10 45-layer Damascus Steel) Cleaver knife, Zelite Infinity expanded its Executive-Plus Series with this new offering. The versatility and resilience of the meat cleaver has made it a very important tool in the kitchen. Due to its large surface area, it can also be used to scoop up chopped foods. The flat side of the cleaver is ideal for smashing items such as garlic, lemongrass and tenderizing cutlets. You’ll find yourself reaching for this knife more than you would expect and love every minute of it.

The Cleaver Knife (Executive-Plus Series)

The Nakiri Knife (Executive-Plus Series):

Adding another element of precision and beauty to their top of the line Executive-Plus Series is the Nakiri Knife. The wide rectangular shape, flat profile and rounded tip are perfect for push cutting, chopping and dicing hard, dense vegetables and fruits with ease. The wide blade can also be used to transfer the perfectly cut items to your bowl or pot, saving you time in the kitchen. The eye-catching Damascus steel blade and humpback G10 handle provide a perfect blend of beauty and performance. The Granton hollow edge blade is ultra-sharp and offers great slicing efficiency with superb edge retention. If you crave strength, stability and control during long food prep sessions – look no further.

The Nakiri Knife (Executive-Plus Series)

The Butcher Knife (Alpha-Royal Japanese Series)

We all know how beloved the original Alpha-Royal Japanese Series is, but now Zelite Infinity has added a new twist with the 10” Butcher Knife. Made with premium Damascus steel and a tough G10 glass fiber handle, this butcher knife offers outstanding performance with minimal slicing resistance – ideal for carving large cuts of game meat as well as smaller cuts of beef, pork, poultry and fish. Our butcher knife provides a strong, secure, comfortable grip with perfect balance along with a long lasting blade that is stain and rust resistant. We have included a leather sheath which offers superior blade protection and safety when your go-to meat knife is not in use.

The Butcher Knife (Alpha-Royal Japanese Series)

The Birds Beak Paring Knife (Alpha-Royal Japanese Series):

Let’s face it when you are at the grill with friends, it’s 5:00 somewhere! This little 3” Birds Beak Paring is Often referred to as a bartender’s best friend, our birds beak blade boasts ultimate sharpness, edge retention and precise peeling and slicing every time – providing a perfect blend of reliability and performance. Cheers!

The Birds Beak Paring Knife (Alpha-Royal Japanese Series)

The Bull Butcher (Alpha-Royal German Series):

For those of you who prefer a German Steel blade – look no further than this 10” Bull Butcher knife in the Alpha-Royal German Series. A professional butcher knife perfect for any meat slicing and cutting task. It’s sleek, sharp, and durable German steel blade combined with an ergonomic Pakkawood handle makes for a perfectly balanced butcher chef knife. When you pull this out at the grill you’ll get the “now that’s a knife” feel and a little envy from your friends.

The Bull Butcher (Alpha-Royal German Series)

The Nakiri (Alpha-Royal German Series):

Again Zelite Infinity appeals to the German Steel fans with this incredible Nakiri knife. It features a wide, thin blade with squared ends, ideal for chopping and slicing vegetables. The flat blade allows you to cut straight through to the cutting board without using a rocking or sawing motion. The height of the blade provides more surface area so after you’ve easily chopped, diced and sliced your vegetables, you can use the blade to scoop up your prepped work. The hollow ground along the blade minimizes surface drag making your slices smooth and food does not stick. The high carbon German stainless steel is razor sharp, rust resistant and easily maintained. With a tapered bolster, full-tang and rounded black handle you will find comfort, balance and confidence in your prep work. 

The Nakiri (Alpha-Royal German Series)

Be sure to treat yourself this summer by adding to your knife collection. Not only will you be the envy of your friends, but you’ll love cooking day to day even more when you have the right tools in your home chef kitchen or professional chef kitchen

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