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Introducing the all new Comfort-Pro Series Wood Block Set – July 2020

This issue features a guide to Kitchen Knives and Uses – great information as you look to start or expand your collection! Click here for your FREE issue.

Blade Advisor takes a look at our brand, all 5 series of knives and compares our quality and value to other brands.

Thank you Gourmet America Magazine for your thorough review of our Alpha-Royal Japanese Series Knife Block Set.

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Introducing the all new Alpha-Royal Japanese Magnetic Block Set – December, 2019

Unboxing video of our all new Alpha-Royal German Series Steak Knife Set & Cleaver

Click here to view more videos of Johnny Prime featuring our knives.

Thank you to The Spruce for recognizing our Alpha-Royal Japanese 7″ Santoku Knife

Editor, Ron Bearer brings cooking enthusiasts a monthly publication featuring recipes from Professional Chef’s, Home Cooks & Grill Masters. Look closely and you’ll find our knives in frequent use as well as product reviews to help you select the right knife for your cooking needs.

Thank you to the Village Bakery for highlighting the 5 Best Zelite Knives for Your Kitchen!

If your looking for advice on the best boning knife to buy…look no further than The Daring Kitchen!