Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 4.5″ Honesuki Knife

Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 4.5″ Honesuki Knife


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Japanese AUS10 67-layer Damascus

Forged full-tang G10 black handle

Tapered bolster for extra strength and durability

Classic 3-metal mosaic rivet

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Our Alpha-Royal Japanese Series Honesuki Knife is a maneuverable all-purpose Japanese style boning and utility knife. The stiff blade and pointy tip can easily separate different cuts of meat. It is the perfect choice for deboning poultry, filleting fish and red meat, and trimming fat and connective tissue. The generous blade width near the bolster provides plenty of finger clearance. The slight curve in the belly makes it perfectly suited for rocking motion chopping of small vegetables. You’ll be reaching for this little powerhouse often once you feel the comfort and experience its efficiency.

Total Length

4 1/2" / 114mm

Blade Thickness



4.4oz / 125g


HRC 61±1

Edge Angle

12-15° per side

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“An interesting shape for a smaller knife. It is described as a boning knife for chicken, but I’ve used it for everything and it performed beautifully. Shaver sharp out of the box, it cuts whole tomatoes finely all day. In fact little daunts this little knife. I feel its depth allows greater control than most knives of its size and the handle is perfect … I love it ..My third buy from Zelite . There will be more.”