Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 6″ Gokujo Boning Knife


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Japanese AUS10 67-layer Damascus
Forged full-tang G10 black handle
Tapered bolster for extra strength and durability
Classic 3-metal mosaic rivet
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The Alpha-Royal Japanese Gokujo Knife is an extremely versatile boning knife.  It is great for delicate work such as fillets, joint work and processing off the bone. The hollow ground featured on the blade reduces surface drag so the meat does not stick creating buttery smooth slicing. Perfect for breaking down a whole chicken, trimming silver skin and fat off a brisket, processing venison, cutting, filleting, skinning fish or separating ribs from a pork loin – this is your go-to knife for these demanding tasks.

Additional information

Total Length

10 3/4" / 273mm

Blade Thickness



5.6oz / 159g


HRC 61±1

Edge Angle

12-15° per side


“I always try and find a way to use this knife. This is one of the sharpest knives I’ve ever handled. The balance is perfect the handle is great. If you want quality, you’ve found it!”