Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 7″ Santoku Knife

Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 7″ Santoku Knife


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Japanese AUS10 67-layer Damascus

Forged full-tang G10 black handle

Tapered bolster for extra strength and durability

Classic 3-metal mosaic rivet

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Our Alpha-Royal Japanese Santoku Knife is a compliment to any knife set. Often thought of as the Japanese version of the Western-style Chef knife, the Santoku is versatile and used for a variety of cutting tasks. The wide, flat blade is perfect for chopping, slicing, and mincing. The hollowed-out indentations on the edge of its straight blade allow food to easily slip off the blade.

The Santoku knife is shorter, thinner and lighter. Those with smaller hands may find it a bit more comfortable to handle than a standard Chef knife. Our Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern adds refinement to the blade making it a standout in any kitchen.

Total Length

12 1/2" / 318mm

Blade Thickness



9.4oz / 266g


HRC 61±1

Edge Angle

12-15° per side

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“I’ve researched this knife for the past six months and finally made the decision to invest in one. From the first time I used it my knife skills improved 100%. I have other professional knives as I’m a keen cook which I’ve used for over 30 years, I keep them sharp and they work very well, but the Zelite surpasses them in every way. It’s so beautifully balanced I can use the whole blade with little effort and unlike my old knives my knuckles don’t hit the chopping board anymore. Worth every penny.”