The Zelite Infinity Range

Razor Sharp

Our knives are made from the world famous Japanese VG10 Super Steel which allows us to sharpen to the optimum angle of 12-15 degrees for extreme sharpness which means effortless cutting for you and saved time preparing those vegetables and other delicious ingredients.

Ultimate Edge Retention

Combining the VG10 Super Steel with our perfected Cryogenic Tempering Process results in a blade that has a hardness of HRC 61±1 with superb edge retention capability meaning less need for continual sharpening and an edge that remains razor sharp and safe for you to use

Rust & Stain Resistant

Using the same technique used to manufacture the legendary Japanese Samurai Swords our knives are clad with 66-layers of SUS410 High Carbon Stainless Steel meaning not only will your knife be razor sharp, it will also be rust and stain resistant resulting in a robust low maintenance piece of culinary perfection that will keep its original new appearance

Balance & Control

Full tang with the shaped handle provides strength, robustness and optimum balance, whilst the rare tapered bolster has been designed for extreme comfort and control meaning safety and total enjoyment for you to use

Maximum Cutting Efficiency

Our chef’s knife has a full blade design meaning you can cut from the tip right to the base of the blade. A further feature is there are no flats on the blade meaning when using the popular Chef’s rocking-motion cutting technique you have total efficiency and control – our blade has a continuous subtle curvature from tip to base.
The 67-layer blade design means extremely low friction resulting in a non-stick blade and effortless cutting and enjoyment for you


This knife is modeled on the classic 3-rivet design, but with a difference. Our knife has a contemporary and beautiful rose-pattern 67-layer blade, 2 stainless steel rivets and our unique Japanese Mosaic rivet made from copper, brass and stainless steel. The rare tapered bolster, G10 handle and the stylish Zelite logo all add up to culinary perfection, emotional pleasure for you and of course your ability to show it off to guests when cooking for them

Extremely Safe

Did you know a razor sharp blade is safer than a dull edge? Razor sharpness means less force is needed to slice effortlessly while prepping meaning less risk of accidents or injury to you and your family. The shaped non-slip handle and perfect balance results in a knife that is safe and an absolute pleasure to use

Robust and Durable

The full-tang G10 handle is moisture and heat resistant with exceptional mechanical properties including wear resistance. In addition, as we only use the best cutlery materials and manufacturing techniques on the market you are making a wise purchasing decision here as you will be getting a very high return on your lifetime investment as it will last as long as you

Easy and Low Maintenance

What’s left to say? Rust and stain resistant, superior edge retention, easy sharpening due to the 67-layer design all culminates into less effort needed by you so you can focus on being the home master chef you know you are!