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Knives for Your Kitchen

Whether you are a Professional Chef at a 5 star resort, or a line cook at a small family owned restaurant, your passion lies in creating great food that will delight the palate of your customers. Access to the best ingredients, as well as the best appliances and other tools of the trade only make your job easier.  Knives are an essential part of a chef’s toolkit. No matter the skill level, if a professional chef is equipped with the wrong knife, it can completely destroy the outcome of the food, and quickly turn prep work into a more grueling task than necessary.

There are so many different types of knives that a professional chef can have, and each has their own individual use. From standard chopping to peeling, there’s a different knife for everything.

Professional Chef Knife Recommendations

These knives are a standard in most professional kitchens. These four professional knives for chefs can create a high-performing set that can accomplish most basic cooking tasks.

Zelite 8 inch chef knife

The Chef’s Knife:

The first and most important is the chef’s knife. This standard knife has a broad blade that spans about 6-10 inches long. It is designed for faster and easier slicing, dicing, chopping, and Julianne. If you can only have one in your collection we recommend the 8’’ Chef’s knife as it’s the perfect size for all cooks. The shorter blades will give you more control for dainty jobs while the longer blades are designed for mass chopping or slicing of larger food products.

Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 6" Utility Knife

Utility Knife

The utility knife is essentially a condensed chef’s knife. Its smaller, thinner, straight blade ranges from 4-7 inches in length. Utility knives can also be serrated to make slicing smaller, softer vegetables and meats a bit easier.

Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 4" Paring Knife

Paring Knife

The paring knife is short and gives the cook the control they need to make precise cuts quickly and efficiently. A paring knife can also serve as a bartender’s best friend when preparing their citrus garnishes.

Santoku Knife

The santoku knife is a bit thinner and shorter than a chef’s knife, and is typically flat. The santoku knife blade is designed for cutting, slicing and chopping. The blade on this knife often is created with divots. These divots create air pockets that give the chef an easier time cutting through meats and other sticky materials.

Specialty Chef Knife Types

There are additional professional knives for chefs that can be used for specific cooking needs. These are often found in commercial kitchens but used less than the knives listed above.


A boning knife has a blade that is thin and points upwards at an angle. This knife is mainly used to trim fat and silver skin off red meat. It is also used to separate the bone from the meat when cutting fish, red meat, and poultry. The pointed tip can assist in peeling and plucking foods while the thin blade can trim and slice with precision. Boning knives can be stiff or flexible, straight, or curved depending on the product and user preference.

Cleaver Knives

Cleaver knives are large, bulky knives that have a weighted handle. They are largely used as a kitchen or butcher knife intended for splitting up large pieces of soft bones and through thick pieces of meat. The knife's broadside can be used for crushing foods such as garlic as well as scooping up chopped items to transfer during food prep.

Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 8" Bread Knife

Bread Knives

In order to save time and effort in the kitchen most professional chefs will also require a bread knife for use. This style of knife is crafted with a deeply serrated edge, which helps dig into hard and soft breads with ease and rip through them. These blades are typically long to ensure there is enough blade to get through all different sizes of bread.

Finding the Right Knives for Your Professional Kitchen:

At Zelite Infinity, we understand that the right knives can completely change the way your kitchen operates. We have countless hours working with professional chefs to understand the variety of knives that are used. We’ve focused on design attributes that will make food prep faster and easier while using less energy in order to make chef’s comfortable during long food prep sessions. To ensure you are equipping your kitchen with the best professional knives for chefs, start shopping here. If you have questions throughout the process, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team and we will happily walk you through the different types of knives, their uses, and whether or not they would make for a great option in your kitchen.

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