Our Best Santoku Chef Knife by Series

Our Favorite Santoku Chef Knife

As a company we set out to create the best kitchen chef knives designed to ignite the culinary passion in all of us.  In doing so, we learned that passion takes on a different meaning in everyone’s kitchen! In addition, you may require various types of knives based on your preference, budget, food prep, etc.

The Santoku Chef Knife name originates from Japan.  According to Wikipedia, the Santoku Chef Knife is a general-purpose kitchen knife. As a multipurpose knife, you’ll use this knife around your kitchen for many things. Depending on your knife collection, this can easily become your kitchen’s go-to knife. 

Finally, while we stand behind each of Zelite’s Chef Knives’ for being best in its class. However, we also have some personal favorites by series that are worth calling out – in case you simply just can’t decide. Read on to see our list of favorite Santoku Chef Knives!

Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife (7 Inch) – Executive-Plus Series: 

Executive-Plus Series 7

Our Executive-Plus Series Santoku Knife is both eye-catching and perfectly designed for daily use and care in the kitchen. (Learn about how to care and store quality chef knives!) Featuring Japanese AUS10 45-layer Damascus Steel, a tapered bolster for comfort and balance and a full-tang, black forged G10 handle – it’s ideal for downward chopping, slicing and dicing a variety of fruits, vegetables, boneless meats, and fish. A multi-purpose knife, it is slightly shorter than the 8” Chef knife, has a flatter profile and a pointed sheep’s foot tip that curves downward. The wide blade is perfect for transferring chopped foods and the ergonomic hump-back handle makes food prep precise, efficient, and best of all, comfortable. Find out why Zelite Knives are the best!

Must-Have Chef Knives

Whether you are a professional chef or home chef chef, there are chef knives that are a must! We’ve provided create a list of recommended knives for your to review.


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