Use & Care

Important information on how to properly use and care for your knife(s) in the kitchen.

Basic Cleaning & Storage

As you begin to use your new Zelite Infinity knife, we want to share some basic care instructions to ensure the sharpness and longevity of your knife so it may assist you in the kitchen for years to come. Read More…


Knife Types & Uses

Ever wonder why there are so many styles of knives? Looking for guidance on which knife to use for your next prep task? Here’s a guide outlining knife styles and uses to help you in the kitchen.


Like all tools, your knife requires care and must be regularly maintained. This means regular honing to keep the fine edge in alignment. Sharpening is only needed when honing no longer improves your knife’s cutting performance. A proper maintenance tool should always be available in the kitchen, because a sharp knife is a safe knife. Read more…


With regular use, your knife blade (non-serrated) will eventually dull and honing will no longer restore the edge. At this time, an abrasive material, which is harder that the metal, is needed to restore the edge. Sharpening grinds away major imperfections and folds on the edge of the blade and reestablishes the v-shaped bevel. Since sharpening takes metal off the blade itself, doing so too often will shorten the life of your knife. Read More…